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Shorter is Better

It’s true that we watch vast amounts of video online, but it’s truer to say we watch the starts of vast numbers of videos online. During our time with the BBC web and social media teams, we looked at a huge quantity of viewing statistics for social media video. This is what they look like.

Sucessful social media videos start with words that make you want to know more, like, “I can’t believe I did that. I thought I was going to pass out”. Most people want to know why, so they will keep watching.


Others start with a compelling piece of footage; something so visually impressive, or confusing that the viewer wants to know more.

It's a Badge

We share things we want to be associated with. You may have had chips for dinner today, but the picture online is the salad you had yesterday.


Successful videos often talk about the positive impact an organisation has on people, rather than the product itself.

Start Strong

Too many videos start with a sequence of artistic shots, time-lapse film, or a nice animated logo. This is great on the big screen to kick off your event, but on social media you have less than three seconds to show people something that makes them want to keep watching.

Did You Know ..?

A vast amount of the video watched online today is viewed with the sound off. This is thanks to the way Facebook places and plays video on its newsfeeds. When we make a video for social media, we make sure it works with the sound on or off. What we see determines whether we go back to the start and turn on the sound.

One Message, One Film

This is a general rule of marketing. Take one key message and land it square on the viewer. Video is great for generating an emotional response, but it is not the best medium for getting across a lot of information.

Give Them What They Want

Know who your audience are and give them something they want to watch. That way, you’ll have their attention when you tell them what you have to say.

Call to Action

We won’t labour the point. If you give people a video they enjoy watching, but don’t ask them to do anything, they won’t do anything.

Video isn't Everything

We have seen a lot of great videos die on social media, because they have been plonked online with nothing to drive people to them, or nothing to guide viewers into engagement afterwards. Video must be part of a wider marketing strategy.


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