Real Time Media

What it is and how it works


Words, pictures and video, gathered, edited and online in minutes.


Anywhere - Anytime Fast, Reliable, Flexible Mobile

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Developed as a solution for BBC news as it moved into the digital age, our mobile multimedia crews can film, photograph, interview and write broadcast quality material on-location, in real time.

Why wait?

Why are you waiting days, or even weeks for your video? If you have something to say now, you need to say it now.

In Control

Imagine picking up the ‘phone and having a full multimedia communications team at your disposal.


Do More

Our way saves you time and money. Imagine what else you can do now.

Social Media

The web is hungry and impatient. Your content needs to be high-volume, top quality and right for the moment.

Events: Premium quality content online, from location.


Marketing: Work with the creative process, as it happens.


Communications: Content producers where you need them.

Company Magazine

Internal communication is vital. Get premium content, images and video from key moments in your company’s life.


“If it’s fast, it can’t be good quality, though.”

Not everything can be done quickly, but with the latest technology, a commitment to constantly developing more efficient ways to achieve results, and decades of combined experience working for the BBC, we believe there is no one out there who can compete with us on quality at speed.

“What will it cost?”

All our prices are transparent and upfront. Multimedia crews are available from £450 per day.

“Sounds like just what I want. How is it done?”

People are the key. This can only be achieved if you have time-served professionals who have worked in television, journalism, magazines, graphics, photography, social media, marketing and animation. These people are hard to find, but we have them, and with one call, they could be working for you.

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