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We were engaged by the training provider Then Somehow to turn their popular Capacity Building, Email Best Practice and Calendar Best Practice courses into a suite of online video-based tutorials.


The company’s success is based on its ability to change companies’ working practises, making the complex simple and the untidy, tidy.


For this reason, we had to find a way to create a large quantity of content that is engaging, but also simple.

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With the Then Somehow training team engaged in work around the country and a large quantity of material to create in a short time, we quickly realised that getting the trainers together in one place at one time, to record the audio tracks was not going to be possible.


We designed a method whereby the tutors could record each tutorial’s voiceover track themselves, wherever they happened to be in the country, as soon as they had completed the script.


They were then able to upload audio tracks and home-made video clips to our cloud workspace and we could begin turning them into the finished product.


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We created a visual style of the videos that is consistent with the company’s existing, and very strong, imagery.


The final videos needed to be friendly and engaging, so we built a swatch of key ‘meme animations’, using a mix of text and animated headshots of the tutors, that delivered key points between screenshots, video clips and other animations.



"This was about finding a way of working that would maximise value, while taking up a minimum of the client's valuable time. We really needed to keep an eye on the workflow."

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To ensure the tutorials achieved their primary goal of delivering information that the viewer remembers, we employed a number of NLP and other proven psychological techniques, when choosing the words and images to place on the screen.


These principles also informed the way different pieces of text were sized and animated.


To ensure the viewer remains engaged, we worked with Then Somehow to find the correct level of visual humour to include in the visuals; enough to bring a smile and help viewers remember key points, but not so much it distracts from key messages.



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