WorldSight Media LogoFollowing the acquisition of TNT by FedEx in 2016, the two companies embarked on a pan-European project to bring the two teams together in every territory they serve.


One of our teams was hired to travel from country to country, covering these events. We covered events in Leicester (UK), Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), Hannover (Germany) and Assisi (Italy).


Town Hall Meetings

TNT logo

Multiple Locations, Europe

Events Portfolio


WorldSight Media LogoIn each case, our team produced a three-minute film in the national language featuring video montages, special effects, animations, interviews and vox pops to be used at the event.


We also produced a single, six-minute film, summarising all of the above, which was shown at the start of a presentation to FedEx's senior management team, briefing them on how the European branch of the company was reacting to the acquisition.

BBC News

Sports and Cultural Events

Multiple Locations, UK

WorldSight Media LogoAs a registered supplier to BBC news, we work at events around the UK as part of a single team with staff members.


This year, our crews were responsible for filming, interviewing and editing at the Tour De Yorkshire, Sunderland Air Show and Tall Ships Race and the Hadrian's Wall Live Event.

WorldSight Media LogoMore recently, (September 8-10), we were engaged by the BBC as part of the planning team for the Great North Run.


We used our many years of experience on providing content from major events to organise the logistics of regional television coverage, predicting and mitigating problems, before they arise.

UEFA Europa League Final

Zurich, Switzerland


WorldSight Media LogoWe were engaged by FedEx, as main sponsor for the Europa Football League, to provide video coverage for the company's presence at the Europa League Final (UEFA Cup) in Switzerland.


Arriving the day before the event, we filmed arrivals within Zurich airport and created a video montage showing the process from guests landing to the construction of the branded convention stage, ready for the following morning.

WorldSight Media LogoWorking independently during the event, we were tasked to produce a film for each day of the four day presence, featuring interview clips, audience vox pops, animations and video montages. These were filmed and edited on location and each was shown on the company's big screen the following day.


For this job, we had to liaise closely with the event production company to ensure all our material would work well with the overall programme, and ensure a uniform tone and style throughout.

The 2%ers Conference

Alton Towers. UK

Art of Brilliance

WorldSight Media LogoThe annual 2%ers conference in the UK is a gathering of the country's most motivated employees, by invitation only.


Working with The Art of Brilliance, a single WorldSight Media journalist filmed the event, interviewed speakers and vox popped the audience.

WorldSight Media LogoHe produced a series of short (30 to 90 second) videos over the course of the day, featuring a challenge activity laid down by a representative of Lego, and clips from seminars illustrating concepts such as 'the seven second hug' and 'the genetics of unhappiness'.


The following morning, our journalist had produced a full 4-minute film of the event, including graphics and animation, which was ready to view. We were contracted to cover this event, following the success of our overage of the 2015 event.

WorldSight Media LogoThe premier event for the audiology industry in the UK and beyond, one of our teams was engaged to cover the BSHAA 2016 congress.


Arriving the day before the congress, we created a film showing animated convention logos moving around famous sights around the host city, walking through doorways and riding on trams.

BSHAA Congress

Nottingham, UK


WorldSight Media LogoThis film also featured interviews and animations, explaining a number of new key concepts for delegates and was shown the next morning at the start of the event.


During the congress, we moved around trade stands, interviewing attendees and filming demonstrations with stand holders, which could be used straight away on social media.


We also produced a three minute film every day of the three day congress. These films were shown at the start the follwing day and used as the basis of two final videos we made for BSHAA; one to attract visitors to the 2017 congress, the other to attract stand holders.

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