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Ken Snowdon

Martin Forster

Heather Magner

Ken Snowdon
Martin Forster
Heather Magner

Experienced cameraman, award-winning journalist, presenter and former BBC Editor, Ken still works for BBC radio as a presenter, while being part of the core team at WorldSight Media and PTW.

Managing director of WorldSight Media and award-winning journalist, Martin has twenty years' experience as a producer in print, radio, television and the web, most of it with the BBC.

With more than a decade of experience as a commercial photographer and manager of Northern-Exposure, Heather has worked for government ministries, supermarket chains and multinationals as a marketer and photo-journalist.

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We would rather be working than selling, so we set our prices to get us out of the office.


Our photo and video solutions start at £450 per day, but every job is different. Talk to us about your project and we will give you an honest set of options with a full breakdown of costs.

WorldSight Media LogoCompany Details

Name: World Sight Ltd UK

Company Number: 07426552

Established: 2010


Formed and staffed by former BBC TV news professionals, we are registered and regular suppliers to the likes of BBC News, BBC Sport, FedEx, TNT, NHS, Home Group and many others. We have in excess of 50 clients and have completed more than 100 video projects since our formation.


We work across the UK and Europe, producing work ranging from news broadcasts to corporate animations and short, tailored social media stories.


World Sight Ltd is an established business organization, trading since 2010 and currently actively engaged in contracts in the public and private sectors in the UK and EU.


WorldSight Media LogoProduction Methods

Talking Heads and Video Interviews

All interviews are shot on two industry standard Sony HDV cameras by a time-served BBC News camera operator/video journalist.


Subjects will be lit using a three-point lighting rig and sound will be recorded simultaneuosly on two channels; the first recording a feed from a lavalier, or ‘clip on’ radio microphone, the second channel recording from a broadcast quality boom microphone placed, either overhead, or directly below the subject, depending on environmental conditions.


This approach ensures optimal lighting and sound quality in all conditions.


Live Action

We recommend using a documentary style approach to capturing live action in circumstances where ‘real things are happening’, making pre-scripting and storyboarding likely to produce results that are less convincing and less engaging, and cumbersome in the face of unpredictable events.


In these cases, we send an experienced BBC news/documentary camera operator, who will work on location to capture the necessary actuality, storyboarding and directing ad hoc. There will still be a shot list in most cases, but the camera operator will be reactive, as well as proactive.


In cases where a more cinematic look is appropriate, we will storyboard sequences, making use of more advanced techniques such as tracking shots (camera moving sideways), jib shots (camera rising up in the air), aerial shots (from either a drone, or a high-mounted, servo controlled action camera), super close-ups and similar.

See ‘Cameras and Lenses’ below for more detail.



For 3D animation, we use Cinema 4D and Blender. For 2D animation, we use Adobe After Effects, Character Animator and Anime Studio Pro.


Animated elements will be initially designed as wireframe storyboards and sample stills and submitted to yourselves for feedback via the shared online project space. In the case of simple animations, it is just as easy to produce these in full, before submitting them for feedback.


In cases where many animations will be created along similar lines, it often proves more timeefficient to submit an initial sample of animations and graphical elements for feedback, then produce all subsequent work to the same specifications, submitting work for feedback on a sceneby-scene basis.


This allows for a streamlined workflow during the bulk of the animation process, while still ensuring an ongoing communication and feedback cycle.


We have had great success mixing animations into live action videos. This can either be full animations to show processes too small, too fast, or too inaccessible to film, or motion graphics, such as text, charts etc, that add visual cues to the information being delivered.


Because the process of creating an animation includes the creation of a range of graphical elements, it is a very simple process to produce still images, such as PDFs, or stills for PowerPoint slides, once the animation is complete.

Hence, these can be provided at no extra cost (unless you require a large quantity of different images, naturally).



Cameras and lenses

The bulk of the material will be shot on Sony HVR series high definition cameras. These are the same cameras used by television news crews in the UK and across the world.


We will use an additional Tamron macro lens to film any close-ups. For more creative shots, such as tracking (camera slowly moving sideways), jib (camera moving upwards) and the like, we have a portable camera arm system that allows us to perform these complex shots simply and quickly.


We have a small steadycam system to allow the camera to smoothly follow a moving subject, if required, and a small, waterproof GoPro camera, able to fit inside equipment (recent examples include filming inside a 3D printer, a Bunsen burner from beneath and attached to a robotic arm.)



We use a soft-boxed, three-point lighting rig to film subjects, and carry an additional set of smaller, battery powered high-energy LED lights for close-ups.


Sound Subjects will be fitted with Sennheiser, or Rode broadcast quality radio microphones. This will ensure we always receive a clean recording of the subject’s speech. In addition, we will use a microphone boom above the demonstration, to catch the ambient sounds of the demonstration.


These sound sources will be recorded simultaneously on separate channels and mixed in postproduction, to provide the optimal listening experience.


Editing and Post-Production (Video)

Once film is shot, it is loaded onto our editing suite. This can be either our studio-based suite, or our mobile laptop-based suite, depending on the circumstances.


In either case, the footage is reviewed and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro film editing software. This initial edit produces a first draft film, cut in accordance with the style guide.


At this stage, the video has not been colour-graded, or had any graphical elements added. This draft is then uploaded to the shared online project space, where it can be reviewed by yourselves and any feedback given, before the post-production stage begins.


In post-production, sound is remastered using Adobe Audition, colour grading is done using SpeedGrade and any graphics/motion graphics are added. These are produced using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects respectively.

Post-production is implemented as per the style guide.


Editing and Post-Production (Photography)

Photographs are loaded onto an editing suite. This can be either a studio-based suite, or mobile laptop-based suite, depending on need.


A longlist of images is chosen from the reel. Each of the longlist images is edited and optimised to fit the style guide using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Any graphical elements, or special effects can be added at this time.


The longlist of images will be uploaded to a shared online project space, from where you will be able to view and download all, or selected images. Feedback can be given and any post-production changes made at this stage.


WorldSight Media LogoOur Prices

We would rather be working than selling, so we set our prices to get us out of the office.

We will beat any genuine like-for-like quote. Every job is different, so talk to us about your project and we will give you an honest set of options with a full breakdown of costs.

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